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What tests are currently covered?

Currently we have apps for Multistate, California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, New Jersey, and New York.

Will the apps run on my iPod/iPad/iPhone?

Yes, all of our apps are Universal.

Is the content current?

Yes.  The content is current and updated as needed.

I am using an Apple device and it won't let me download the book.

Please install iBooks.  It is required because once you click on a book it attempts to download the ePub file from our cloud service.  Safari on the device knows to prompt you to “Open in iBooks” for that type of file.  If you don’t have iBooks installed the link will break.  Once the book is downloaded you can begin using it inside iBooks without internet access.

I am using an Apple device and I can't hear the audio lectures.

Since the release of iOS 6 Apple has made the Mute slider button in the mute position mute any audio being played regardless if you turn the volume up or not.  Slide the mute button to off and the audio can be heard.